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Visiting Artists & Scholars

Visiting Artists and Scholars Spring 2017

Visiting Artists and Scholars Fall 2016






Jenny Hyde

Aug. 22 – Sept. 23, 2016, Fine Arts Gallery 2
Opening Reception, Aug. 25th, 6 – 8PM
Lecture, Thursday, Sept. 1, 5pm, Fine Arts Auditorium 5062




 Visiting Artists and Scholars Spring 2016


Pae White

Jan. 25-26, 2016
Lecture, Monday, Jan. 25, 5pm, Fine Arts Auditorium

Dr. Sue Taylor

Jan. 28-29, 2016
Lecture, Thursday, Jan. 28,  5pm,
Kimbrough 101

Shrijon Chowdhury

Feb. 4-5, 2016
Lecture, Thursday, Feb. 4, 5pm,
Fine Arts Auditorium

Jeff Olson

Feb. 10-12, 2016
Lecture, Friday, Feb 12, 5pm,
Fine Arts Auditorium
Exhibition Closing Reception, Friday, Feb 12, 6pm,
Gallery 2

Tracy Featherstone

March 2-4, 2016
Lecture, Thursday, March 3,  5pm,
Fine Arts Auditorium




A. Jackon Visit (March 2015)


Julie Anand

Head in the Clouds, Boots on the Ground: Work by Julie Anand, Wednesday Feb 18th 2014 5pm @ Kimbrough 101






Kirsten Furlong

Repeat and Shift: Recent Work by Kirsten Furlong, Wednesday Oct 8th 2014 5pm @ Kimbrough 101



Paul Manoguerra

Tuesday, September 9th at 5pm in Kimbrough 101 Paul Manoguerra is the Director and Curator of the Jundt Museum of Art. His lecture is titled American Artist-Adventures: Manifest Destiny and Landscape Aesthetics in the Northwest.

20140909_191703Paul Manoguerra joined students and faculty for an informal dinner after his lecture. Photo by Phillip Mudd.