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The Foundations area acts as a support for and bridge to upper level visual arts areas within the WSU Department of Art. The Foundations program encourages students to develop technical, as well as conceptual and theory-based skills in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional art forms. Through their foundations courses, students are introduced to a wide variety of techniques, processes, and materials, moving fluidly through and between them. To reflect the current and contemporary art world, students are exposed to practical theory, current trends, and innovative projects. The goal is to engage students who will become self -motivated and inquisitive, compassionate and critical. At the same time, students develop an understanding of art within a social, political, and historical context. The foundations program sets the stage for the understanding and appreciation of the arts along with the technical and conceptual skills needed to be successful creative thinkers and critical citizens.

Io Palmer
Associate Professor: Ceramics and Foundations
T: (509) 335-4155
Office: Fine Arts 7021

David Janssen, Jr.
Assistant Professor, Career Track: 2D Foundations
Office: Fine Arts 7075