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Digital Media


Christina Sagrelius. 3D print.

Callie McCluskey BFA

Still from Callie McCluskey’s AR/Painting BFA Exhibition.

Kira Edminster

FA332. Kira Edminster Surreal Project.

AR Motel

FA435. Still from AR Motel Project.


FA332. Second Skin.


Irene Kang. 3D Rendering.

Irene Kang. 3D Rendering.

In the Digital Media area at WSU students learn and embrace a wide variety of art and design mediums including 2D/3D animation, 3D printing and digital fabrication, interactive media, print based design, digital drawing and painting, digital video/film, VR/AR, digital media installation and performance, web projects, experimental sound, kinetic sculpture and physical computing. Students are provided with the framework and artistic context to create art and design work in these fields. The digital program area is set up for students to engage in creative, innovative art and design practices. The program is flexible in its ability to be interdisciplinary and encourages individual artistic development and art making that also involves collaboration, research and combined media. Students are encouraged develop their unique and diverse approaches to using digital media, highlighting issues of representation, experimental methods, emerging technologies and the way technology impacts the way we understand, navigate, and produce social space as well as explorations that fall outside the boundaries of traditional modes of production. In this regard, students are encouraged to bridge traditional and digital processes and explore media in conjunction with the computer, for example, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture and Ceramics (for print-based, installation and immersive – space-based explorations). In studio courses, theoretical and contextual explorations are woven into technical discourse.

Housed in the Art Department of the College of Arts and Sciences, Digital Media courses draw from the arts and humanities to address critical social issues. Students focusing in the Digital Media area are asked to deliberate beyond the tool of the computer, and explore digital processes, not as a means to an end, but as a vehicle for creative expression, critical thinking, and experimentation.

The Digital Media area at WSU Fine Arts Center houses 2 Mac-based computer labs fully equipped for professional level digital imaging production and output, as well as an equipment room with an evolving inventory of audio and video tools, all available and accessible to undergraduate and graduate students.

2 iMac Computer Labs
Photo/video Lighting Studio
Large Format Inkjet Printers
3D Printers
Laser Cutter
CNC Shopbot
Drawing tablets
Photo Scanners
VR equipment
Audio/Video Recording Equipment
Adobe CC Software
Physical Computing Production Equipment
Video Projectors and Displays



Reza Safavi

Associate Professor: Graduate Coordinator, Digital Media Coordinator
T: (509) 335-3180
Office: Fine Arts 7017

Daniel Manwaring

Digital Tech
Office: Fine Arts 7027


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