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The Department of Fine Arts promotes the study and practice of art as an essential aspect of a comprehensive educational experience. We provide curricula and research opportunities that challenge students to think and communicate in innovative and interdisciplinary ways. We encourage our students to approach problem-solving through multiple perspectives while embracing risk and uncertainty on the path to discovery. Students develop their personal voices in a variety of media through experimentation and reflection, while building the confidence and skills that enable them to be effective communicators.

For students pursuing careers where creativity, art, design, craft, and innovation are essential, the department offers three degrees: the BA in Fine Arts, the BFA degree which allows for more in-depth study and practice, and the MFA, the recognized terminal degree in studio arts. An Art History option for the BA degree provides students the skills to engage art and visual culture critically and imaginatively. The Minor in Fine Arts, focused on either art history or studio arts, is an excellent strategy for those seeking to deepen their critical engagement with another field of study. The three-year MFA program offers an intense period of production, reflection, and conceptual articulation, culminating in a thesis exhibit in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU. The department’s offerings are supplemented by a robust Visiting Artist and Scholar Program, as well as access to the Museum of Art’s seasonal programming and permanent collection. The Fine Arts faculty members are internationally recognized contemporary artists and scholars that collectively bring their varied professional experiences into the classroom.



Squeak Meisel

Chair and Associate Professor
T: (509) 335-8686
Office: Room 5072D